Abandoned House on the Hill – Louisville KY

Welcome everyone to another episode of “Louisville Urban Explorer.” Today, I will explore an abandoned house I noticed while driving down Dixie Highway. I can see it across the railroad tracks, and I’ve always been curious about how long it’s been abandoned. So I will check it out and see what I can find.

Dixie Highway is right over there, but it’s hard to make it out through the trees and thick brush. I hope to make it over to the house and look closer. There’s a round metal building and what it might have been used for here. As you can see, there’s the house and another outbuilding.

The area is overgrown, and I’m still determining what’s what. There’s an old road trail under the woods, heavy equipment, and old tires in another shed. From here, the house’s roof doesn’t look too bad, and it seems like a pretty nice house at one time. The top window is intact, but the bottom ones are boarded up.

I won’t go inside the house because I’m alone and don’t have a flashlight. However, the door is wide open, and it is accessible. I’m taking a closer look at the abandoned crane. That thing has been there for a while, and the door is completely gone.

Looking at the front of the house again, there’s a second-floor balcony with the door wide open. A section of the house on this side needs to be in better shape, with missing windows and part of the roof falling. I won’t go over there because the brush is thick.

There’s some stuff going on around the back of the house, and the wiring is all over the place. This was a nice window to look out of and see the view of the area. This is a pretty interesting place, and I like this house. It would be an excellent place to live if it weren’t so rundown.

I hope you all enjoy this video. Thanks for watching, and have a great day.

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