A High End Home for Less

Your desire for the finer things in life does not have to come with a high price tag. It is certainly acceptable for you to spend thousands on new furniture, but such does not have to be the norm. There are things that you can do to give off the luxury appeal in your home without breaking the bank.

Read on to learn how you can present the high-end interior design appeal for less!
<h2>You need to know about the essentials of pillow stuffing</h2>
Many homeowners end up paying more than desired for interior decor because they do not understand the basics of the art of decorating. Believe it or not, the furniture is not all that there is to a room. The most luxurious spaces are brought together by a series of accessories and meticulous setups that, when combined, make the house great.

Pillows, for instance, are your best friend in the world of high-end designer looks. You do not have to purchase the most expensive pillows on the market. You should, however, avoid solely relying on a pair of pillows that anyone can find at their local retail store. High-end signals uniqueness. There is nothing particular about a pillow that your guests saw on sale at Target being the focal point of your sofa.

There is certainly nothing wrong with purchasing a few pillows from furniture stores.  The secret to making the accessories your own is to buy oversized pillows that you can add cotton to. Stuffing the pillows gives a more plush appeal that tells visitors that you paid more to have such quality products. In reality, you probably paid about as much as they did for the same product.
<h2>Window treatments make the difference</h2>
Unless your home is one with a structure that screams elegance, you probably need to improvise with window treatments. Do not just purchase the first curtain rods that you can find. You should also refrain from buying the cheapest curtains in the store. You definitely want to save money. You still, however, want to keep that high-end appeal.

Consider purchasing curtains that you cannot see through and rods that do not look as if they will break if too much pressure is applied. Blackout curtains are often sought after by individuals hoping to give off a more luxurious appeal because of their thickness.

Within the same vein of quality are the curtain rods. Round rods are especially ideal when you want to exude a high-end appeal. Not only are these types of treatments thick enough to handle heavy curtains, but round rods also tend to come in gold and silver designs. Nothing says luxury quite like silver and gold.

When hanging your curtains on the rods, consider placing them as close to the ceiling as possible. Such a decision gives the illusion of the <a href=”https://anothermanstreasurefurniture.com/product-category/new-furniture/living-room/”>living area</a> being bigger and, thus, presents the notion of a more high-end look.
The lighting in a room can prove that you are the king or queen of high-end designs. Lights can also help defeat your purpose.

Chandeliers are often thought to be the epitome of all that is luxurious. Did you know, though, that a chandelier randomly hanging in your <a href=”https://anothermanstreasurefurniture.com/product-category/new-furniture/kitchen-dining/”>dining room</a> may speak more of the home’s original structure and less of your design taste? You have to make lighting such as chandeliers work with your vision.

The first thing that you should do before purchasing lights and their accompanying accessories is to take a look at your space. It may be the case that your living area only needs lamps to make it shine with all elegance. You should, therefore, develop an appreciation for your space before adding lights of any sort.

It is also important to understand the pivotal role that lighting plays in your vision of presenting a high-end designer space. Contrary to what some believe, dimness is not often a quality that visitors associate with elegance. In reality, house guests appreciate an abundance of lighting and would likely attribute a mixture of lamps and ceiling lights as a sign of your luxurious taste.

There is, however, such a thing as too much lighting. It may not be a good idea to place a floor lamp in every corner of your living area. While such a decision would bring about more light at night, guests may see your choice to only use one form of lighting as a sign of you being unable to mix and match for an overall high-end look.

Instead of going with one type of lighting, consider using a table lamp alongside a floor lamp in the living area or bedroom. You do not have to buy the most expensive lamp to convey the point that you have a high-end taste for things. In many instances, swapping out a lampshade is all you need to show house guests that you, too, have expensive taste.
<h2>The furniture is the climax</h2>
There is no way to show off high-end taste all while having extremely cheap furniture. It is true that the most expensive pieces do not always speak to the character of the visionary in decorating. You should, however, make it a point to purchase quality furniture that will go the distance.

Many consumers get caught up in the lie that any old chair will do the job. The truth, however, is that furniture is only as good as its maker. If the manufacturer put a lot of time and energy into a piece, then the chair will probably last longer and deliver that elegant appeal that you crave. If the maker did not invest a lot of energy into the creation of the product, then you can almost bet on the furniture piece breaking prematurely and exuding a cheapness that the most expensive chandelier can never cover up.

Cheap furniture in a room filled with high-end accessories makes little sense. You should, then, strive to purchase quality pieces that support your vision instead of tearing it apart.

All of your furniture pieces do not have to be top-of-the-line. In fact, some designers prefer to make one piece, such as the <a href=”https://anothermanstreasurefurniture.com/product-category/new-furniture/living-room/sofas/”>sofa</a> or reclining chair, the focal point of the room and work around this product.

There are, of course, several things that you can do to get a more authentic appeal out of your furniture. Some designers want a traditional look that contemporary furniture makers do not provide. There is nothing wrong with going to a used furniture store in these instances and finding the furniture that you truly want. You can always go the way of reupholstering to make the piece uniquely your own.
<h2>Other things to consider</h2>
Flowers do a lot to create a high-end look. You should steer clear of fake flowers when you can as such accessories come with the cheap appeal that you want to avoid. Some designers even swap out flowers for greenery if they cannot get a hold of authentic plants. Doing such a thing still presents an elegant appeal as the splash of color tells visitors that you know how to combine various elements for an overall masterpiece.

You may also consider treating each area as an independent space instead of viewing the project as a whole puzzle. There is nothing wrong with having a contemporary <a href=”https://anothermanstreasurefurniture.com/product-category/new-furniture/kitchen-dining/”>kitchen</a> all while bolstering a more traditional look in the dining area. The key to pulling off such diversity is to plan meticulously and decorate intentionally. You do not want to mix and match styles when going for the high-end appeal. Eclectic appeals tend to scream other things that have nothing to do with luxury.

What you should consider, however, are throw <a href=”https://anothermanstreasurefurniture.com/product-category/new-furniture/rugs-new/”>rugs</a>. A quality rug can turn hardwood floors into a beautiful sight all while making the space more intimate. You may want to consider throw rugs even if your home is fully carpeted. There is nothing like a designer piece to guide your path throughout the house.
<h2>Come to Another Man’s Treasure</h2>
<a href=”https://anothermanstreasurefurniture.com/”>Another Man’s Treasure</a> was founded in 1991 by Dennis and Dottie Gibs. The furniture owners opened their retail store with the notion of selling gently used furniture pieces to individuals who understood the value of what others deemed as junk.

Today, Another Man’s Treasure is one of the largest furniture stores in Lexington, Kentucky. You only need to take a look at their online inventory to understand why many consumers go there first when they want to redecorate while on a budget.

There are reclining chairs for the traditional soul. You can also find a myriad of sofa options so that you do not feel boxed into one look. The kitchen furniture and accessories at Another Man’s Treasure will also have your heart rejoicing. There is truly something for every type of shopper at this store!

You can find everything you need to create a high-end designer look for less at Another Man’s Treasure. A skilled salesperson will be happy to help you find the perfect blend of what you are searching for in quality furniture and accompanying accessories. Stop by today to get started with your quest for a more luxurious appeal.

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