A Few of the Best Car Commercials from the Super Bowl

When you think of the Super Bowl, who doesn’t look for what they will come up with next in the way of innovative commercials. Considering these commercials are among the most expensive on the planet (not sure what other galaxies charge for ads promoted during their most prestigious gaming events), these hit-or-miss mini-movies will average out at $5MILLION this weekend. Hard to wrap your brain around that, well, you are not alone. For that price, they better be powerful and memorable, and the car commercials vie for the top spot.

Everyone has their own perspective of which one in history is the very best Super Bowl car commercial, but you can’t argue that there are those that remain great throughout time. The 2004 Ford GT ad with just the car on the track. No gimmicks and nothing flashy, just the Ford GT drifting into perfection on every curve, the grip of the wheel, and the power of the shift.

No one can forget the Volkswagen Passat ad of 2011, The Force. It doesn’t show the power or performance of the Passat, but it does show humor and the power of the force… the force the emanates from a well-positioned remote. This one ad remains re-watchable with well over 60 million views. When you think of it that way, then a $5M ad more than pays off in the long run.

Whether you like Eminem or not, the Chrysler 200 commercial from 2011 is pretty darn cool. It may have been designed to promote the specific vehicle, but it went way beyond. It ended up being a strong cry for American pride that starts in Detroit with automakers and ripples out from there. ‘Imported from Detroit’ was a well-developed concept that picked up traction brought Chrysler to the forefront of US luxury automobiles. Nice work, Chrysler:

Who doesn’t remember The Godfather? No one. Which is why Audi hit the mark with the 2009 R8 ad. Their version of the horsehead in bed certainly got your attention and kept it with the latest r8 version leading you into modern luxury combined with unyielding power. Not to be ignored and turned into one of the greatest auto commercials in Super Bowl history.

We can’t wait to see what the auto industry comes up with this Super Bowl season. Maybe there will even be a new classic born this Sunday regardless of who wins the actual game! Do you have an all-time favorite car commercial? Could you even imagine spending $5M on a car let alone on an ad?? Whether you drive a $5M car or a $5K car, Auto Excel has your back and will help you get the most out it for as long as it makes sense.  

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