Spectral Bluegrass: An Exploration of 5 Genuine Ghost Stories from Kentucky

Story 1:

This happened to me not long ago. My friend and I have always debated whether God or Satan is accurate. Then, one night, I talked to her about guardian angels and how we don’t believe in them because of what we’ve done. I believe I don’t deserve to be watched over because of the things I’ve done in my life and how I’ve sinned.

One night, I found my mouth extremely dry while sleeping in my bed (I don’t remember if I woke up). So, I went to get some soda as I hardly drank water. In the kitchen, I saw a man standing on the counter, supporting himself against the cabinets and wall. He was beautiful, with a perfect face, beautiful eyes, flaming red hair combed over to the side, and enormous black wings. He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Don’t ever stop believing. I’ll be watching over you.” The next thing I knew, I was awake in my bed with a glass of soda next to me.

Story 2:

One time when I was young, my cousin and I were visiting my great grandparents’ house in Pike County, Kentucky. My great-grandparents lived in an old two-story house, which looked a little creepy. Once, while we were all eating dinner, my great-grandpa told us about some paranormal experiences they’d had many years ago when they bought the house.

For example, while my great-grandma was unpacking, she saw someone move across the room from the corner of her eye. She thought it was my great-grandpa, so she called out to him. When he didn’t answer, she got worried. Just then, my great-grandpa came through the front door; he’d been outside the whole time.

The strange thing he told my cousin and me was how the ceiling in that room had dripped blood one night. After about thirty minutes, it stopped. My great-grandpa told the neighbors about these strange occurrences, and they said that the previous residents moved out because they claimed it was haunted. After hearing this story, my cousin and I were spooked.

Story 3:

I had little contact with the spirit world until I moved into an old farmhouse in Scottsville, Kentucky. Everyone told me there was something wrong with the house and that everyone who had lived there reported strange happenings of seeing a black shadow lurking around in the house, and when you slept, it would touch you.

One night, while lying in bed, I felt something twitching in my hair. I thought it was just a moth because I had the window open, but when I swatted at my hair, my hand was immediately slapped. I woke up and thought I was having a nightmare. I went to the bathroom, and sure enough, the shadow appeared before my eyes and floated right before me.

Story 4:

As of writing this, I’m 19 years old. I’ve been an atheist and skeptic since grade seven. I’ve never believed in ghosts and have always considered the stories of such embellished fabrications or hallucinations brought on by alcohol, medication, or carbon monoxide leaks.

Three weeks ago, I had an experience that changed my views. I’ve always had this weird fear of the dark. Once, while going for a midnight snack, I felt my ankle forcefully grabbed. I saw nothing but could not jerk my ankle forward for a few seconds. Then, upon reaching my room and turning on the light, I saw a black smoky substance flutter around for nearly a second before disappearing from my vision. I don’t know what brought this on, and I’m not entirely convinced it was anything supernatural.

Story 5:

A disturbing event started Three years ago in the summer of 2006. In July, my mom started to leave the door open that led to downstairs because it was hot upstairs, and the basement had much cooler air. One night, when my dad dropped me off at my mom’s house, I saw that my mom had not completely shut the door.

While everyone was asleep, I decided to check downstairs. It was very dark, and as I looked toward the bottom of the stairs, I saw a disturbing monster-like figure at the end. The figure was transparent but mostly invisible and very gaseous or smoke-like. It had lights that sparkled, which I believe were its eyes. It was so vast and comprehensive that I could not describe its height.

Looking at that unimaginable sight, I felt a tremendous threatening presence as if it warned me not to go down there. I left the door open and went to my mother’s room to lie in her bed. While awake, I heard running footsteps and the sound of equipment or armor. The sounds got closer and closer as this thing advanced all the way upstairs. My mom and brother were deep asleep, and my heart was racing and pounding with fear and threat.

After that summer, my brother went to college, and my mom and I moved out of the apartment to a different city. Before we moved out, I started smelling extremely vile odors in the house. The odor was similar to the smell of feces but something far worse than any natural odor or animal odor that you can think of.

If you’ve managed to read this far, I would like to apologize for missing Kentucky earlier on. And, if you hear things in the background, it’s because it’s now 10 p.m., and I’m drying my clothes because I forgot they were in the washer. So, I guess the day’s secret word will be “laundry” since that’s what I’m doing. I’m curious to see how you use it in the comments.

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