5 TRUE Kentucky Ghost Stories

this happened to me not long ago my friend and I have always had deep conversations about if God or Satan is real and so on well one night I was talking to her about guardian angels and how we both don’t believe in them because of what we’ve done in life I believe I don’t deserve to be watched over because of the things I’ve done in my life and how I’ve sinned like crazy one night I was sleeping in my bed I don’t remember if I woke up or not but my mouth was extremely dry and I went to get some soda because I hardly drink water at all I hate the taste well as I was in the kitchen getting in some soda I saw a man standing on the counter and supporting himself up against the cabinets and wall I stared and awed him he was beautiful a perfect face beautiful eyes and his hair was flaming red and combed over to the side he also had these big black beautiful wings he looked at me and smiled and said don’t ever stop believing I’ll be watching over you the next thing I knew I was awake in my bed with a glass of soda next to me I’ve never been one to sleepwalk and if I did my luck I would fall onto something and wake up the whole house but if anyone knows what happened to me please tell me one time when I was young me and my cousin were visiting my great grandparents house in Pike County Kentucky my great grandparents live in an old two-story house said to me looks a little creepy anyway while we were all eating dinner my great-grandpa told us about how many years ago when they first bought the house they had some paranormal experiences for example well my great-grandma was unpacking she saw someone move across the room out of the corner of her eye she thought that it was my great-grandpa so she called out to him he didn’t answer my great-grandpa got a little worried and just then my great-grandpa came through the front door he was outside the whole time the strange thing he told my cousin and me wasn’t how one night the ceiling in that room had actually dripped blood after about thirty minutes it stopped my great-grandpa told the neighbors about the strange occurrences and they said that the people that lived in the house before them moved out because they claimed it was haunted after the story my cousin and me were kind of spooked when we were done eating we went up to the attic and my great-grandparents always told us never to go up there we were just messing around you know going through old trunks and looking at some really old pictures when we both heard someone sobbing my cousin shined her flashlight over to where she heard the sobbing it was coming from behind an old mirror I said is anybody there hoping I wouldn’t get an answer after a few moments a figure stepped out from behind the mirror it was a pale woman in a wedding gown now that I think about it I don’t think she was trying to scare us but being about 10 years old my cousin and I wasted no time running out of the Attic as fast as we could it was a very scary moment that I can’t help but wonder if the ghost was trying to tell us something or not I have not had much contact with the spirit world until I moved into an old farmhouse in Scottsville Kentucky everyone told me before I moved in and there was something wrong with the house and that everyone who lived there had reported strange happenings of seeing a black like shadow lurking around in the house and when you slept it would touch you I shrugged it off as nothing until one night I was laying in bed and I felt something twitching in my hair I thought it was just a mop that fluid because I had the window open and it was very hot i swatted at my hair my hand was immediately slapped I woke up and thought I was having a nightmare I went to the bathroom and sure enough it appeared right before my eyes and floated right in front of me after maybe about thirty seconds it went into the wall it would annoy the crap out of me by taking the form of my sister’s cat who would always try to jump up on the DirecTV receiver because it knew that that cat annoyed me I thought it would stop once I left the house but it followed me to the house I live in now and it’s new I just don’t know what to do anymore if anyone is or has any experiences such as this could you give me some advice on how to make it leave I’m 19 years of age as of writing this and I’ve been an atheist and skeptic since grade seven I’ve never believed in ghosts and have always considered the stories of such to be embellished fabrications or just hallucinations brought on by alcohol medication or carbon monoxide leaks or something of the sort but as of three weeks ago I’m convinced I’ve been wrong about the afterlife all along I’ve always had this weird fear of the dark when I steal away to the downstairs kitchen for snack in the middle of the night I either leave the kitchen light on as I head back upstairs or turn it off and book it up the stairs and rush into my room and close the door behind me I don’t know why I do this I never really believed in the supernatural I’m just a pansy I guess but occasionally I’ll challenge myself to turn the light off and then walk up the stairs at a normal more civilized pace the few times I had done this until a few weeks ago it had been successful but never reassured my awkward tendencies three weeks ago I was watching movies on my laptop in my bedroom and needed a refill on pretzels so I went to the kitchen and filled up a bowl and grabbed a cup of Crystal Light as well I then turned off the kitchen light and started walking up the stairs my stairs make a t-shape whereas the top of the tea leads to either the kitchen or the front hallway depending on which way you take and the bottom leads up the stairs to an intersection of rooms and and a bathroom right as I left the top part of the tea and had made it up two steps of the straightaway I felt my ankle being forcefully grabbed I looked back and saw nothing but I could not jerk my ankle forward for a few seconds I finally broke free and booked it up to my room and shut the door I was freaking out and it took me a moment to reach for my light switch to flip it on upon moving it I realized that I turned the light out by pulling the string hanging from the ceiling fan when I turned on the light I saw a black smoky substance flutter around for nearly a second and then disappeared from my vision I don’t know what brought this on and I’m not entirely convinced that it was anything supernatural I could have just been hallucinating for some reason but now but now I never get midnight snacks I guess I’m practically dieting now I’d like to hear your opinions on this thanks for reading what you’re about to read might disturb you this event started three years ago back in the summer of 2006 I have no idea what triggered the events but I will tell you that this story is real in the month of July my mom started to leave the door open that led to downstairs she left the door open because it was hot upstairs and the basement had much cooler air at the time one night my dad dropped me off to my mom’s house as my mother let me in the house I looked at the door that led downstairs and I saw that my mom had not completely shut the door the door was still slightly open she hugged me I went to her room I looked downstairs and listened closely to see or hear if there was someone or something down there and I started to hear something growl the growl sounded something similar to a big dogs growl but for some reason I could just tell that it was not the growl of a normal animal after I heard the growling noise I felt a threatening presence so I turned the light off and shut the door all the way I did not remind my mom or my brother because they would have just said that I was hearing things or hallucinating near the end of July I woke up and my mom and my brothers were asleep I decided to go check the downstairs again all the lights in the house were turned off as I walked down the hallway towards the door that led to the downstairs I saw my mom had completely left the door open this time around so I looked downstairs but I did not go down there it was very dark downstairs as I was looking towards the bottom of the stairs I saw an indescribable disturbing monsters figure at the very end at the bottom of the stairs the monster was transparent but mostly invisible and it was also very gas or smoke like in appearance and it looks extremely dysphoria Stinney lights sparkled from this thing which I believe were the eyes I also saw it look like a deformed head or numerous to form heads in a gigantic claw for hands I thought that I was just hallucinating at first I wasn’t I was just standing there in the dark of the downstairs as if it were looking at me it was so huge and wide looking at that I could not describe its height but it was also very dark downstairs when I saw this thing I was too scared to even just take one step down there as I looked at this unimaginable sight I felt a great threatening presence and I felt like something was warning me not to go down there I believe this thing was warning me to back off and not go down there so I left the door completely open and I went to my mother’s room to lay down in her bed for a while as I was still awake I left the door open because I was too scared and disturbed to close it I also felt like I was being warned not to close the door I also did not want to provoke this thing and I knew that physical objects are no barrier to spiritual beings so closing the door probably would have made my situation a little worse after a while I heard running footsteps and the sound of equipment or armor he kept running and then stopping running than stopping repeatedly the sounds got closer and closer as this thing was a veteran all the way upstairs my mom and brother were deep asleep while I was still awake my heart was racing and pounding with fear and threat as I was laying there in the bed with my mom as the sound got closer the feeling of fear and threat got closer I also felt helpless I knew that if I had to woken up my mom or brother up they would not have believed me or believed what was going on they would have just ignored me I heard these sounds about five or six times and then it stopped and for the rest of that morning nothing happened a few weeks later my brother went to college and me and my mom moved out of the apartment into a different City but before he moved out of the house I started smelling these extremely vile orders in the house they were by far the most horrible odors I had ever smelt in my entire life the odor was similar to the smell of feces but something far worse than any natural order or animal odor that you can think of ghouls it was brought to my attention that I missed Kentucky oh my god so I had to go back and I did Kentucky I apologize to all of you from Kentucky I do and if you hear like things in the background it’s because it is now like 10 o’clock at night and I’m drying my clothes because I forgot they were in the washer yay failing an adult thing but I had to get Kentucky in cuz someone commented did you forget Kentucky I was like [ __ ] I did I did forget Kentucky so I apologized so much so I hope this makes up for it and chill stream this Saturday tomorrow it’s going to be so fun I hope I don’t see you ghouls there let’s see secret word of the day will be laundry since that’s what I’m doing and I’m sure you can hear it in the background and I’m too lazy to get up and turn it off so you’re gonna have to deal with the ghouls laundry use that in the comments gonna be interesting but as always my last video will be on the top left my next video be on the bottom left all my social medias are on the screen as olds in the description box below and remember there’s always someone or something watching you

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