5 Larger-Than-Life Attractions You’ll Only Find In Louisville, KY

In a state that’s world-famous for bourbon and a city that’s home to Whiskey Row, it’s only appropriate to have a massive lowball glass in Louisville, Kentucky.

On the Rocks

Located at 6th and Main in Louisville, the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience’s “On the Rocks” glass is a 6-by-6-foot cylinder that totals 53 gallons. For perspective, if the glass were filled with bourbon, it would hold 1,264 gallons– 23 full barrels– of liquid gold!

Mentioning spirits, situated in the center of the city’s Bourbon District, the Barrel is an oversized art piece that signifies the state’s spirited past– and present.

The installation is nearly nine times the size of a standard 53-gallon barrel consisting of five rings made of Corten steel and black powder-coated aluminum.


From bourbon to ancient monsters, this lovely triceratops got to the Kentucky Science Center in 1979; she was craned into place over the flood wall near what’s now the Yarmuth Garden. She’s 10 feet tall, 26 feet long, and weighs roughly 5,000 pounds.

Over 40 years later, freshly painted and refurbished, the dinosaur was lifted into location atop the West Washington Street pedway elevator– a perch that makes it much more prominent in the Louisville skyline.

From this perch, she (yes– we’re calling her she) is noticeable to museum guests and passing chauffeurs on I-64, welcoming visitors to the city and motivating everybody to Do Science!

Bat & Glove

The most famous larger-than-life roadside destination in Louisville, Kentucky, is, by far, the renowned bat and glove.

Found at the Louisville Slugger Museum, the 120-foot-tall baseball bat weighs 34 tons and is made of hollow carbon steel, making it the world’s most enormous.

And because you can’t have a bat without a glove, you’ll find the accompanying 17-ton “Big Glove” sculpture here, too.

The very best part? Guests can climb on, crawl, and move down this whimsical monolith!

Caufield’s Bat

Did you understand another larger-than-life bat was gracing the Louisville skyline? The Caufield’s Novelty vampire bat is 30 feet high, 15 feet wide, and weighs 1,500 pounds. It’s the beyond the novelty shop.

Caufield’s has been a favorite regional considering since the 1920s for folks searching for a unique Halloween costume or festive New Year’s Eve party favor. So while a bat may appear a bit odd, it’s not: in a state that’s world-famous for its underground caverns and caves, a vampire bat makes the best sense!

The bat (constructed in-house) signed up with the celebration in 2004, and we can hope he’s enormous enough to signify * the * Batman in case of a city-wide catastrophe. We’re confident he’d be up for the task.

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