5 Cities Seniors Should Visit for a Self-Care Vacation

One of the best forms of self-care is taking a vacation, but it’s always a personal choice. Anything you find relaxing that helps you recharge is technically self-care. Below are five cities with something to offer seniors needing personal time. You may love it so much you decide to stay.

1. Sante Fe, New Mexico

New Mexico’s warm climate and beautiful southwestern scenery offer a serene place to reboot and relax. Sante Fe is particularly charming. It has a robust art scene perfect for creatives and is full of historical Native American locations for history buffs. You can visit the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and take a scenic drive down Canyon Road. If you love the atmosphere, you can find beautiful homes near the mountains with peaceful views to enjoy daily.

2. Charleston, South Carolina

Civil War history buffs and architecture lovers will thrive in Charleston. The atmosphere is laid back, and the breweries are plenty. Take a ghost tour or visit Fort Sumter. Follow a guide around the rich history of the American Revolutionary War, and visit the beautiful retirement neighborhoods of Daniel Island and Mount Pleasant. You’ll find stunningly unique homes and excellent restaurants. Research shows that Charleston’s real estate market is one of the highest in the country, but the location makes it worth every penny.

3. Lexington, Kentucky

Kentucky has many attractions for anyone that loves horses and the slow pace of life in the south. In Lexington, you can visit The Kentucky Horse Park to watch presentations and visit the on-site museum. You can follow the Kentucky Bourbon Trail to visit all the famous distilleries. If you want to branch out and see what the state of Kentucky has to offer, look through Kantuckee for the best places to visit and find a place to settle if you fall for the farm-to-table cuisine and sweet southern charm.

4. New York City

If you feel at home in the hustle of a busy city, what better place is there to visit than New York City? There’s an endless stream of attractions. The Bronx has botanical gardens; sports fans can check out the famous Yankee Stadium. So famous that you might wonder how to score tickets to the Yankees during the season. You can get tickets online for a discount. Just filter the search by date, price, and seating preference to find the perfect spot. Some online ticket sites even use an interactive seating chart where you can get a virtual 360-degree view from your chosen seat. If a vacation isn’t enough, talk to a local realtor about finding an apartment among all the action.

5. Sarasota, Florida

If you’re looking for warm weather and sandy beaches, consider Sarasota’s senior, retiree culture. You’ll find plenty of golf courses. It may even entice you to purchase a vacation home. If you have capital available for a 20% down payment, you could be soaking up the sun and visiting Anna Maria Island every winter to escape the cold. If you can’t afford that much upfront, consider other funding options, such as taking out a second mortgage on your home or applying for a home equity loan. The exciting restaurant scene and museums are more than worth it.

If any of these cities sparked your interest, now is the time to start planning your vacation. Remember to keep an open mind while you’re there. You could end up finding your forever home.

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