4 Steps to Help You Start a Business and Find a New Home

Buying a house is an exciting time, especially if you are planning to start a home-based business. As an entrepreneur, you need a plan to help you stay on track if you are launching a company while moving to a new place. It can be a difficult balance to do both simultaneously, but it can be done and Kantuckee wants to show you how.

1. Simplify Your Business

When you form your business, you should structure your company in a way that minimizes unnecessary labor and simplifies your work needs. This can help you reduce the space and equipment needed to operate your business. For example, outsourcing and automating tasks that you find tedious can eliminate administrative burdens.

Founding a limited liability company allows you to reduce paperwork and maintain flexibility while gaining liability and tax advantages. State regulations can differ, so check the rules before you file. Instead of paying for a lawyer, you can do your own paperwork or use a formation service.
You can also develop a streamlined marketing plan that targets your audience efficiently. Track the customer experience and use surveys or comment cards to gather information. Instead of relying on email, you can make a strong impression with personalized business cards. Look for a free business card maker with pre-made templates and customize them with colors, fonts, text, and images of your choosing. Give potential clients something tangible to help them remember you.

2. Look for a New Place

Moving to a new home can give you the space you need to create a workspace where you can launch your business. First, you should assess your financial situation and determine how much you can afford. Examine your income, savings, and credit. Next, think about the features you want in your next residence. In addition to your home office, you might need high-speed internet and modern electrical wiring to use a computer for work. And you’ll definitely want to have your new place inspected. Hire a home inspector with credentials and experience who can help you identify costly issues before you move.

3. Declutter Before Moving

Moving can be a complicated endeavor, especially if you are in the process of starting a small business. Creating a checklist and schedule can help you stay organized while you pack. You should also declutter before your move to avoid transporting unwanted items to your new place. Research suggests that it costs $10 per square foot to store goods in your home, and clutter slows down homeowners and business operators alike. Tackle one room at a time, looking for stuff you can easily get rid of, such as:

  • Expired personal care products
  • Clothes that don’t fit
  • Damaged cookware
  • Old computers and gadgets

4. Set Up Your Home Office

After settling into your new home, you can start creating your workspace. First, you should consider the equipment you need to do your job. Investing in a quality computer enables you to accomplish more with your time. A versatile desk with an ergonomic chair helps you avoid discomfort when you need to get a lot done. Place the larger furniture first, and then hook up your internet and electronics. Next, add some office decorations, such as family photos, indoor plants and a vision board, that keep you inspired. Accessible storage solutions can help you organize important files.

If you’ve been thinking of going back to school, now might be a great time. Once you have your home office set up, you’ll have the basics to begin an online bachelor’s degree program. Even if you choose to start the program before you move, the online aspect makes it easy to continue classes no matter where you are. And a degree can teach you more about business through courses in business management, operations, communications, and more. You can also learn the skills you need to be a better leader, too.
With the right resources and organization skills, you can navigate the complexities of moving while forming a company. A new house can provide you with the workspace you need to grow your business and even pursue a bachelor’s degree. And if you’ve relocated somewhere in Kentucky, use Kantuckee to find the best shopping, food, and travel destinations. It’s a great way to find out what is great in your new neighborhood.

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